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Porozid® – zur Schimmelbekämpfung

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It is unpleasant, but should be fought as soon as possible:

Mold on walls is not created exclusively by leaky façade surfaces or extraneous water influence. Excessive moisture also forms during showering, washing and cooking. Especially small rooms without sufficient ventilation conditions – whether apartment or commercial space – are susceptible to mold infestation. Often, their spores are not even visible to the naked eye, the health consequences can be blatant.

Especially against mold on walls indoors, the active ingredient of porozide was developed. It stops the growth of many microorganisms, helps in the removal of mold very effectively – and best of all: In contrast to other anti-mold sprays, it has absolutely no side effects on humans and animals because it contains no volatile toxins, free chlorine or hypochlorite. Thus, you can even use porozide without hesitation for mold control in bedrooms and kitchens.

Suitable for this are all mineral substrates, wallpapered and painted surfaces, natural or treated wood, plastics, textiles and much more. Depending on the substrate, apply by means of a spray bottle or a pressure sprayer, brush or soft cloth and allow to act for about 2 days. Uncomplicated can not be mold control.

A spray bottle is enough for about 3-4m²

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500ml Sprühflasche, 10L Kanister


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